Saturday, October 25, 2014

the best home interior design

Each room design in our house need to be considered carefully, as those rooms is different at its function. For example, for the kitchen, if we need to stay connected with family, then we should have the open kitchen. However when it comes to our home interior design, we can think it as creative as we can, according our taste and style.

Some people say that bedroom is the most important place in our house since it is the place where we can celebrate our love and cherish the romance with our spouse. Thus, in order to keep the intimacy between the couple, we should keep the bedroom as the most romantic room in our house, not looking like a restore room for clutter. There are some tips in order to encourage the romantic mood in our bedroom.

The first step we can do is of course organizing the clutter very well by putting them away. Since it is kind of important to remember of some bills or random newsletters, we can put it away and manage them all into a stack and put it on a dresser or chest of drawers in our bedroom. Another way in putting our clutter away is by providing a box to store any papers, newsletters, pictures, or other decorations and put this box under the bed. Or, if putting this stored items box under our bed is not really comfortable, we can use trunks to store the items. Especially, trunk functions as a table and also decoration since it is practical but still decorative as well. By storing our clutter and manage our goods in our bedroom well, we can be less burdened and relaxed because we are not constantly seeing these clutters.

box organizer shelves for home interior design

The next step is choosing a color scheme that fits in our and our spouse’s taste because color can connect with the room emotions. Since the color of the bedroom is our favorite color, it can bring a possibility for us to love our bedroom more.

After we get the perfect color scheme, displaying some decoration can enhance the atmosphere as well. We should look for the best decoration which perfectly suit with the color scheme of our bedroom. The perfect decoration for a couple bedrooms is flowers. We can put our favorite flowers inside the bedroom because flowers can enliven the room and add a sense of relaxation. However, it is not suggested to display too many decorations as it can turn out to be other clutter. Instead, displaying some photos of our sweet memories with our couple can be a perfect way to enhance the romance and still flatter the bedroom.

A sweet fragrance can be a perfect match for those beautiful color scheme with pretty decorations, because nothing can give a romantic ambiance like candle light. The light and the sweet smell can help us encouraging the romance in our bedroom. The good smell fragrance we can get from the linen spray and body spray as well.

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